10 Warning Symptoms of Cervical Cancer That Shouldn’t be Ignored!

Each year, more than 80,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cancer, gynecological, such as endometrial, ovarian or cervical cancer. Most of these cancers occur in women after menopause. But can attack women before menopause, too.

So no matter how young or old you are, it is important to know what to look for. In this way, if these symptoms appear, you can alert your doctor immediately. Finally, recognizing the symptoms can increase your chances of finding cancer early, when it is most curable.

Below are 10 symptoms of cancer that every woman should investigate

Abnormal vaginal bleeding

More than 90% of women diagnosed with cancer had the experience irregular bleeding.

Unexplained weight loss and fatigue

These symptoms may be the result of other factors, but when there are other symptoms on this list, it should signal the need for a physical examination.

Vaginal discharge tinged with blood

Bloody, dark or smelly discharge is usually a sign of infection. But sometimes, it is a sign of cancer of the uterus.

Constant tiredness

Swollen legs

Swollen for no reason? This may be a sign of cervical cancer.

embarrassing urination

Monitoring urination can help detect the presence of cervical cancer in several ways. The most immediately obvious and prevalent symptom is discomfort when urinating.

Pain in the pelvis

Pelvic pain is quite a common burden for women. Cramping and pain during the menstrual cycle are quite normal, but when the pain lasts for a longer period, it often happens or becomes more intense than usual should go to a doctor’s appointment.

Do not forget to have one or more of these symptoms does not mean you have cancer. But if it lasts two weeks or longer, contact a physician. After all, better to be safe than sorry.

Treatment of cervical cancer is difficult because it is often difficult to detect at an early stage. For this reason, the best defense for women’s preventive knowledge.