Replace all pills with this incredible drink you can make at home!

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and only one lemon can provide the body with 64% of the recommended intake of vitamin C daily. Also, lemons are a rich source of powerful phytochemicals that promote long-term health.
Drinking lemon water is a fantastic way to start the day. Just boil water, let it cool a bit and put some slices of lemon in it.


Lemon water will help to stop acne. Lemon has anti-bacterial properties, so that they can fight the bacteria that cause acne. Water will cleanse your body and detoxicate. These two combined together are a recipe for perfect skin.

In addition, you can use lemon water for washing the face. It contains citric acid which will exfoliate the skin.
Lemon water has excellent taste. You can drink it instead of other beverages that are high in calories, such as fruit juices.